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How Do I Make Money?

Penny stocks, like any other type of investment vehicle, change in price as the market goes up and down throughout the trading period. The key to making money is to buy low and sell high.

How do I know what to buy?

JPS can help you discover penny stocks that are not on your radar - perhaps moments before a big movement. What sets most professional traders apart from average? Information. Careful research and planning will take you far in this business.

How much money do I need?

Not a whole lot. Obviously the more you have to put up, the greater dollar return you may get. Many successfull traders spend $1000 (or less!), and do better than if they were to purchase larger stock. Remember: This is a game of percents. 500% increase on $1000 = $5000. It doesn't matter what price the stock is. You can buy more cheap stocks than expensive stocks. All that matters is that the price goes up.

Do you guarantee your picks?

No. Absolutely not. We are not registered investment advisors, investors beware. We offer information on tickers that you may have otherwise missed. Do your own research before investing in any of the companies. Better yet, consult an investment advisor.


Market Snapshot

  Price Chg $ Chg %
Dow 213.649 -0.091 0.04
Nasdaq 6240.0547 -25.1948 0.40
S&P 500 2439.39 +1.09 0.04
Oil N/A N/A 0
Gold N/A N/A 0


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*Results not typical.

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1 Ed is an alias for a person who asked to remain anonymous. 2 Tony is an alias for a person who asked to remain anonymous. 3 Rick is an alias for a person who asked to remain anonymous.